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 Special Issues in Journals

 Guest Editors

  IWPLS2009 Online Proceedings
 Sandra Gesing
Jano van Hemert
Special Issue: IWPLS 2009 in
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience
(Invited papers of IWPLS 2009)
Sandra Gesing
Jano van Hemert
 IWSG2010  Online Proceedings Roberto Barbera
Guiseppe Andronico
Guiseppe La Rocca
 IWSG-Life2011 Online Proceedings
Tamas Kiss
Gabor Terstyanszky
Special Issue on Science Gateways in
Journal of Grid Computing
(Open call and invited papers of
IWSG-Life 2011)
Tamas Kiss
 IWSG-Life2012 Print and Online Proceedings
Sandra Gesing
Tristan Glatard
Jens Krüger
Silvia D.Olabarriaga
Tony Solomonides Jonathan C. Silverstein Johan Montagnat
Alban Gaignard
Dagmar Krefting

IWSG2013  Online Proceedings
 Tamas Kiss
 Special Issue: Science Gateway Workshops 2013
in Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

 Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, Sandra Gesing, Tamas Kiss
IWSG2014 Online Proceedings
Sandra Gesing
Tamas Kiss
Special Issue: Combined Special Issues on EuroPar 2014, Recent advances in parallel computing and distributed network (U-Science 2014) and Science gateway workshops (SGW 2014)
in Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience
Sandra Gesing and Nancy Wilkins-Diehr
 IWSG2015 Online Proceedings
 Gabriele Pierantoni
Sandra Gesing