4th International Workshop on Science Gateways for Life Sciences

Prinsengracht in Amsterdam
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23 - 25 May, 2012
The Netherlands

In conjunction with the HealthGrid Conference 2012 and featuring EGI.eu

New technologies and experimental methods in the field of life sciences have enabled researchers to create huge amounts of data in extremely short times. In turn, analysing this data demands a rise of compute power, storage, and data transmission. An enormous number of complex and sophisticated algorithms and tools have been developed to aid research. The demand for compute power and storage is met with a rise in provision of infrastructure and High-Performance Computing facilities and has resulted in the popularity of novel utility computing infrastructures, such as grid and cloud computing. Despite the increasing availability of resources, the broad uptake of these facilities and infrastructures is not following the same pace. The main reasons for this lie in the complexity of the human interface to these computing infrastructures. 

An approach to offer easy and intuitive access to computing infrastructures irrespective of their location is a Science Gateway. Science Gateways are frameworks (or toolsets) which incorporate applications, data and tools to enable running applications on Grid infrastructures. They also provide services to support, upload, search, manage and download (or share) applications and data. The gateways are integrated via portals or sets of applications. Gateways enable user communities to use compute and data resources through a common  graphical user interface in an easy and intuitive way. As a result, users can focus on their applications instead of learning and managing the complex underlying infrastructure.

IWSG-Life2012 will bring together scientists from the field of life sciences, bioinformatics and computer science. The aim is to exchange experience, formulate ideas and introduce up-to-date technological advances in molecular and systems biology in the context of Science Gateways.
We invite the submission of papers related to various aspects of molecular and systems biology and Science Gateways/Portals. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Management of biological high-throughput data
  • Modelling protein-carbohydrate recognition
  • Machine learning for computational immunomics
  • Molecular simulations for drug discovery
  • Portal technology and portal construction methods
  • Usage models and gateway tools for life sciences
  • Security aspects of Science Gateways for life sciences
  • Usability studies of life sciences portals/gateways
  • Workflows and service composition for life sciences
  • Service discovery and ontologies for life sciences
  • Tools for managing grid and cloud portability
  • Integration of life sciences with e-infrastructures
  • Demonstrations/success stories