Special Tracks

Joint Session with the HealthGrid Conference 2012
Wednesday afternoon (23 May 2012)

The goal of the special track is to combine key aspects of the HealthGrid Conference and IWSG-Life. The joint session focuses on science gateways and tools for biomedical research and clinical deployment.

The objectives are

  • To reflect the international standard in the area of science gateways for biomedical research and clinical deployment
  • To enable research groups attain novel capabilities in the area of scientific data management, collaboration and computing in e-infrastructures
  • To aid in the creation of resources in the form of novel approaches for the delivery and use of science gateways that will facilitate a wider uptake of bioinformatic methods

Defining a European roadmap for science gateways for Life Sciences: structured discussion facilitated by EGI.eu
Thursday afternoon (24 May 2012)

EGI.eu is the coordinating body of the European Grid Infrastructure. Working with European contributors and with participants globally, EGI.eu oversees the world's largest academic computing grid, enabling access to state-of-the-art computing facilities for cutting edge research. This structured discussion presents the opportunity to bring many of the interested parties in this area to define a roadmap for the next steps in delivering and promoting science gateways and, more broadly, virtual research environments in the field of Life Sciences. It is anticipated that participants will represent many areas of this research community together with well established developers and service providers in gateway technologies. The goal of the structured discussion is to define a roadmap that describes the technologies, services and supporting actions that will need to be enacted in order to drive forward progress in this area. This will involve clarifying which topics have to be solved for a wider uptake of science gateways on European level as well as on Pan-European level.

The Life Sciences science gateway roadmap will cover the following areas:

  • requirements for science gateways from the Life Sciences community in Europe
  • a critical review of existing technological solutions together with a process for repeated review cycles
  • a critical review and promotion of existing implementations of gateways for the Life Sciences community
  • agreement of roles and responsibilities for sustaining gateways for this community (this should include commitments from: EGI, LSGC, NGIs, projects, developers, research groups, others)
  • agreement on milestones and deadlines for the months and years ahead